Pine Valley Heritage Event Center

Mission Statement:

Redeeming and preserving our heritage through a multi-purpose event center.



The Pine Valley Church Heritage Event Center exists to:

  • Redeem peoples’ hearts to Jesus by encountering the presence of God in a non-traditional manner.
  • See our western heritage continue to be passed on from generation to generation.
  • Be used to bless our local community as well as host large events in order to help fund different ministry projects around the world.


The Journey


About 14 years ago, Pastor Scott felt like God gave him a picture of an indoor rodeo arena with the words “redeeming our heritage”.  Initially, he just thought it was something funny because he isn’t a cowboy.  But over the past few years, God has brought that vision back to Pastor Scott and he has felt like the Lord asked him to begin taking steps of faith towards seeing it fulfilled.  In April of 2019, an artistic rendering was created to better explain what was put on Pastor Scott’s heart. 


The purpose of this event center is for people to encounter the presence of God in a non-traditional manner.  The event center will be used to bless our local community, as well as host large events in order to help fund different ministry projects around the world.  Joel 3:18 says “Out of the house of the Lord, He will water the valley.”  We believe God is going to use this event center to “water” our community; in other words, to bless our community, and God will get all the glory and honor. 


We believe the word that God gave about “redeeming our heritage” has a two-fold purpose.  The first and main purpose of the event center is, and always will be, about redeeming people’s hearts to Jesus.  The secondary purpose for redeeming heritage is to see this heritage and love for animals passed down from generation to generation. 


We are excited about this God-given dream.  We feel strongly that this dream had to be so big, that only God could fulfill it.  We know that we, as a church, cannot fulfill this dream on our own.  Only through God’s divine intervention will the fulfillment of this dream be possible.  Please be praying with us and for us as we endeavor to make a tangible difference in the community that God has placed us in.