Throughout Scripture, God has called His people to be generous. This generosity is expressed in the use of our resources, our time, and our finances. We want to encourage you to study, pray, and understand Gods principles for giving. If you are committed to Pine Valley Church and this is your spiritual home, then we encourage you to actively take part in this giving process. It is so important to understand that giving to the church is a real act of worship and giving is out of a grateful heart for all the Lord has done and will do for you.


In our modern society and culture, electronic banking is more and more common and convenient. Online giving allows for a specific dollar amount to be transferred directly from one account to another. You can sign-up and activate this service online or stop by the church office and see Julie Pope. The office phone number is 970-884-7196.


Pine Valley Church is set up for the safe use of credit cards for tithes and offerings. However, we do strongly encourage you to use the electronic funds transfer process rather than a credit card for your giving. Here are our reasons.
1.  Although many people do pay off their credit card balance each month, many do not. We don’t want to, in any way, tempt or encourage anyone to go into debt and pay interest on gifts to the church.
2.  We believe the credit card should not be used as a means to “give in faith” on moneys you don’t yet have.
3. With electronic transfer, your entire gift goes directly to the church. When using a credit card, 3% or more goes to the credit card company as well as other processing fees.
4. Simple security. Everyday there are growing security concerns on the Internet such as identity and data theft. We want to make every effort to minimize this exposure and protect you and the church as much as possible. If a credit card is your preferred method, we do ask that you would consider adding 3% to your gift to help off-set any added processing fees.