Dream Teams are different areas of service and ministry that you can plug into at Pine Valley Church. To plug in, you first need to attend the four-week Growth Track program. You can learn more about the


  • MEAL MINISTRY: Prepares and sometimes delivers meals for those in special need, typically in times of loss or sickness in the family.
  • MISSIONS BOARD: This team meets monthly to discuss and invest support to missions around the world. Members have a heart for missions and are dedicated to supporting them through communication, connection, and prayers for our worldwide missionaries and local outreach.
  • FOOD PANTRY: This team serves Pine Valley Church’s Food Pantry by stocking the pantry and/or serving and praying for our pantry The mobile pantry goes out into the community, giving away pantry bags in Bayfield and surrounding communities.
  • WOOD DELIVERY (SEASONAL): This team loads and delivers wood to those who have need in our community.


  • INTERCESSORY PRAYER MEMBER: This person must be willing to surrender self to God in heart, mind, soul, and strength while being open to the needs of others. You will also need great persistence, patience, and self-discipline. We persist in prayer for the Pastor, leaders, parishioners, our government, community, and all things concerning the Kingdom of God.
  • ALTAR MINISTRY: This team will cover our Sunday service. As part of Altar ministry, your focus is on prayer to touch personal lives of those who come forward in response to a salvation or for God’s answer to a need. Providing a welcoming, comfortable, and secure atmosphere for the respondent is key in this role.
  • SALVATION FOLLOW-UP TEAM: This team is available for those that have said yes to Praying with them as well as providing resources for walking in faith.
  • MEDIA / TECHNOLOGY TEAM: This team uses creativity and technology to reach the world. They deliver the Word, and an atmosphere for worship, through audio, video, lighting, photography and any other relevant media. There are numerous events beyond Sunday mornings that photographers and videographers can cover.
  • WORSHIP TEAM: Leading the Church Body into the presence of God is the job of the Worship Team. This team is made up of singers and skilled musicians, but also includes the resources of our A/V Tech team to complete the worship.


  • KIDS CHECK-IN TEAM (SUNDAY MORNING): This team welcomes families with children 5th grade and under as they arrive in our youth wing. You will help facilitate the check-in process to ensure proper placement and registration of children for Kids’ Church.
  • KIDS TEAM (SUNDAY MORNING): This team works with our kid’s ages two years through 5th grade where they are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of children through age appropriate planned bible lessons, worship, videos, games and more.
  • NURSERY TEAM (SUNDAY MORNING): This team lovingly cares for babies (up to 2 years) during church service.
  • CHILDREN’S AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (WEDNESDAY): This team serves our Wednesday After School Program that provides ministry, age-appropriate bible lessons, homework help, a hot meal, snacks, and lots of fun activities to children in our community. (kindergarten through 5th grade).
  • YOUTH MINISTRY TEAM: As a member of this team, you will help guide and lead our youth (6ththrough 12th grade) by building relationships and serving as both a role model and spiritual leader.
  • SMALL GROUP LEADERSHIP: This team hosts small groups, offering a place for people to find meaningful community. Small group leaders host groups based on topics or activities they are passionate.
  • FACILITIES MAINTENANCE TEAM (HANDYMAN): This team works behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in our facilities by taking care of routine maintenance requests as well as potential urgent repair needs.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This team loves people and makes them feel at home. They have a servant attitude, cheerful demeanor, and welcome guests at the door with a smile. They connect with guests by offering them a coffee and answering any other questions they may have.
  • KITCHEN TEAM: This team helps to prepare and serve meals for our After-School Program, funerals and special events.
  • SAFETY / FIRST RESPONDER TEAM: Trained security team that can react to concerning or emergent situations. They are assigned to strategic entry points and communicate through radio devices to act swiftly in the event of an emergency. This team also includes a unit of healthcare providers, which serve to triage basic medical attention to our guests.
  • USHER TEAM: Help prepare church guests for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering, and maintaining a distraction-free environment. Periodically helps with parking for special events.
  • COFFEE SHOP TEAM: Help serve our church by serving coffee! Baristas will learn to use our espresso machine and make specialty coffees for guests before & after Sunday service. You will also help clean up and prepare the coffee shop for use the next day.
  • OFFICE ASSISTANCE: This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve the church in areas such as bulletin assembly, recycling, mailer preparations, and more.
  • BAPTISM TEAM: This team sets up the location for baptism, and then resets location after the celebration.
  • COMMUNION TEAM: This team serves by preparing the Communion elements and setting the environment for Communion. Will also help to make sure inventory of bread and juice are sufficient for future services.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM: This team helps prepare special events by assisting with set up, tear down, prep, serving guest’s food, and creating an environment of excellence.
  • HOSPITAL CARE/IN HOME VISITS: This team is committed to ministering the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through hospital visits or for those confined to their homes due to physical limitations or health issues. The purpose of this ministry it to bring encouragement, pray with the person needing care, and bring forth the hope and healing touch of Christ.
  • GARDEN/GROUNDS TEAM (SEASONAL): If you enjoy the outdoors, love gardening and planting, we would love to have you join our team. This ministry serves our church and community by tending to our garden – weeding, watering, planting and harvesting. This team may also help plant and tend to our ground’s flowers and bushes.
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